All answers to questions about Better Export

What can I export with Better Export ?

Better Export focuses on exporting orders, all of your orders given the filters you want. For now we do not offer Products or Customers Export. But this is something we'll be working on.

So how do I export my orders ?

There are two ways to export your orders with Better Export.

The first one is on your Orders page in your Shopify admin. All you have to do is manually select the orders you'd like to have exported and click on "Export with Better Export".

The second way is to go directly to Better Export App admin. By doing this, you will have the ability to filter your orders given a date range, a shipped status (open, closed, cancelled), a financial status (paid, refunded....) or/and a fulfillment status (fullfilled, shipped, unshipped...)

What format can I export my orders ?

You can export your data through a wide range of format including XLS, XLSX, CSV, TSV or ODS. We are working constantly on adding new format.

How do I select the informations I want to export ?

Within the Better Export app , you have the ability to create and save your own templates. By clicking "Add a new template" you will have the choice between all the informations you can export from Shopify. All you have to do is add the values you want to export (Order ID, Refund Price, VAT price, Order date...), give a name to your template and save it.

Can I have multiple templates ?

Yes. You can save multiple templates whether you'd like to have a file dedicated to your accountant with all your finances or a file dedicated to your fulfillment center with all your orders detail or even a file dedicated to your marketing team with all your client's informations.

How many orders can I export ?

At the moment, your file can have a maximum of 4000 lines. If you need downloads with more than 4000 lines you can email us about it.

Can I set up a recurring file download or an automatic export ?

Not yet. But this is something we are working on. You will soon be able to create an automatic export at a certain date of given orders. This will be quite practical for all using Better Export for Accounting reasons. We will be able to email your accountant with your accountant file every month.

How much does it cost ?

Better Export cost (and will cost) 9$ per month. No matter how much you use it, or how many export/template you download.

I still have a question, how do I contact you ?

Any question regarding our apps or your export, you can send email. We can reply in french, english and even arabic. Feel free to reach out.

Service We Offer

Help installing

Better Export is super easy to install, but if you have a trouble doing it, let us know and we'll help you.

Help configuring

A user friendly interface and a team that will help you in case you are experiencing bugs or problems during configuration.

Help customizing

Customize & save your own templates or let us know and we will help you do it.